Surveillance is something that is very important to prevent crimes. CCTV cameras are indeed a revolution in the field of surveillance. There are numerous advantages to using a CCTV network instead of a conventional system, like quality footage, ease of upgrading, remote access etc. In fact the most important advantage is that these cameras are not high priced and hence people can install them in private buildings like houses and offices. Visit sites like the to know more.  When it comes to the installation of CCTV camera network at home, there are several advantages and some are:


This is probably the most important advantage. If the culprits know that there is a camera that will be recording their act, then they are most likely to drop the plan of committing a crime. Also all kinds of false alarms can be identified if there is a camera looking. For example, people get startled even if a dog jumps into their yard. If there is a camera, then the residents can make sure that there is no threat.

A safe neighbourhood:

If all the houses have CCTV surveillance and if the streets are also under camera eyes, then the whole neighbourhood would become a very safe place. The crime rate in the area would certainly drop down drastically and this is beyond any doubt.

Easy maintenance:

When it comes to maintenance of the CCTV system, it is fairly simple. Even if there is a need of camera getting damaged beyond repair, then it is also easy to replace the camera. A new one simply needs to be plugged into the network. Also any kind of extension or upgrades can be made easily as well. So you can start by installing a camera in one place and then can gradually upgrade by adding more cameras.

Quality of footage:

The footage is extremely high quality and hence if a crime does take place, then the police can identify that the culprit and also use the footage as evidence in the court.