Earlier shades could only be retracted manually but nowadays almost every house is equipped with motorized shades. When it comes to selecting motorized shades and drapery, there are certain things to consider. These days these motorized shades can be tethered on to the home automation system and hence they can be controlled easily by the residents. Some key points that must be kept in mind while selecting a motorized shade are:

The design and colour:

When it comes to the curtains or shades the most important factor is that design and the colour should be ideal. Just like the exterior of the house, the interior of the rooms are equally important. And for the interior to look good, the design and the colour of the curtains are extremely crucial. If the design is poor, then the whole room’s appearance would suffer badly.

The motor:

The motor that is installed to control the shades should be both durable and efficient. The energy efficiency is not an important factor to consider since these motors will not be used frequently. There should not be any noise when the motor is working since this noise may prove to be an annoying sound when the shades are raised in front of guests. So it is best to make sure that the motor that you purchase is manufactured by a reputed company. In fact there are numerous sites like the HDHtech.com that can help you to find a quality motorized shade system. Also there are two types of motors available – one that is battery powered and the other that is supplied power from the mains. In the case of the battery powered motors, there is a chance that the battery runs out and then the motor can no longer be used.

The process of maintenance:

There are chances that the system needs maintenance and in such cases it is important that the seller is able to make the necessary repairs. Hence buying from reputed sellers like HDHtech.com is important.