50 years ago from now, human imagined a house of future where everything is interconnected and can be control smartly and convenient. People also have the desire to control their home appliance via voice. Today these houses no longer seem take as science fiction. Nowadays smart homes are connected with different products in order to make our lives simpler, more advantageous, and more comfortable. Imagine after a hard day on the field and you are coming home, but you in such a hurry to cool down yourself but reaching home and switching the ventilation system will burn you off due to the time it takes to cool the environment of your home. So with this technology you can easily turn the ventilation system before you reach home, so that you won’t have to wait until it cools down. It indicates how smart technology has developed.

Future of smart homes

The future of Home automation is about to change with some of the key upgrades which are already based on Automation, for example, change in Wireless Automation arrangements and in addition bringing down value of installing house automation systems will gradually help to capture target market without much of an effort.

The potential outcomes are massive, going from lights and bolts to cameras and from coffee machines to coolers. A computerized light may turn on without anyone else’s input when you stroll into the room. A computerized indoor regulator may turn the warmth down when it distinguishes you’ve left for the day, and it will turn on automatically when you come home again. That is how it is going to change.

Smart digital assistants

A digital assistant, a technology that’s been growing in sophistication and prevalence for the last several years is not a futuristic concept today. It’s no surprise to foresee a major change in home automation in the time to come with artificial intelligence. Home automation aka smart home is nothing new now, but a recent advancement in smart home technology has thrust it directly into the spotlight. Smart home kits, gadgets and sensors have been a overlooking presence at CES (consumer electronics show) and it will develop further more in the coming years.