More attractive to start off with not to mention the benefits for the environment.

The safety factor:

As  the world becomes a more troublesome place we as parents and spouses and children of elderly parents, we are always concerned with the safety of our families.  There are many ways that home lighting control systems can help with this situation.  You can set your landscape lights up to coincide with the sunrise and sunset so you don’t ever have dark, dangerous spots in your yard.  You can also set them up with motion detectors that will turn the lights on when someone enters your yard so they will be able to be seen under the lights and if you have a surveillance system it will also make the video much clearer for identification purposes.

You can also set the system up so that if your fire alarm ever goes off all of the lights in the house will be flipped on so that you will have a lit path for emergency evacuation of yourself, pets, and family members.  Some systems have a setting where the lights will be turned off and on at a preset time so that it always looks like someone is home making you an undesirable target for burglars and invaders when you are away for any amount of time.

The benefits for an attractive environment friendly and energy healthy home:

In today’s society we are always looking to make our homes and offices more attractive and user friendly.  Home lighting control systems are beneficial in this manner by eliminating ugly and easily stained light switch plates for a single keyboard that can control every light in your home.  You can also control the lights and such from your smart device at any time.

They will keep your current bulbs cooler which in turn helps use less energy.  Shades can automatically be pulled down or up to take advantage of the natural sunlight also eliminating excess use by not only helping with lighting but with cooling and heating costs as well.  On average a dimmer used in conjunction with a controlled lighting system cuts electricity costs and use by 20%.  There are some that can also be programmed to turn off and on automatically when someone enters or leaves a room.  This is energy efficient as well as a boost in safety.