Motorized blinds, shades and window treatments are part of the move towards a fully automated home.

Most people would concur that after a gloomy, cloudy day – when sunlight shines through, it immediately lifts our spirits. Electric lights definitely cannot duplicate that effect.

The advance of technology is bringing us closer to a fully automated home where daylight, electrical lighting, security systems and entertainment are all intertwined and accessed or manipulated from a single console. Part of this solution are motorized shades, blinds and window treatments.

Motorized shades and blinds help you maximize the use of daylight – which seems to have a positive effect on us. We save energy, reduce our electricity bills and reduce our carbon footprint as nice side benefits.

Imagine a home where, after a good night’s rest, you laze just a little bit longer, push a button and let the sunlight stream in. Bask in the pure light, as you listen to the sounds of the world awake.

When you finally get off the bed and head to the bathroom, it is preheated. When you get to the breakfast table, the shades are pulled up and the television is tuned to your favorite morning channel. Once you leave the house, the shades are automatically drawn, protecting your hardwood floors and valuable furniture. Or not – you have the option to raise the shade of the corner window in the living room from your smartphone. You just placed a new cactus plant there and forgot to change your settings. No problem, you have complete control on your smartphone wherever you go. When you come home, the blinds in your home study remain drawn and the screen for the projector drops so you can view your slides.

These motorized shades and blinds come equipped with electronic drives and the motors can be noiseless (depending on the maker).

And just as regular window treatment solutions, the range for motorized shades and blinds is close to limitless. One such provider of window treatment solutions HDH Tech has over 8 shade styles and 1500 materials. They have over 20 years of expertise in home and commercial automation systems and are considered a global leader.