And it’s not just window dressing, so take your time.

The first thing to be done is to decide how many windows you need window treatments for and to measure the sizes.

You can ask a professional (like HDH Tech for a consultation or Do-It-Yourself. Make sure to have a metal tape measure. Foldable measuring tape may not give you completely straight or accurate measurements. Also, keep a comfortable distance between the frames of the window and where your blinds or shades will start from.

Then comes the fun part (maybe not for your husband but he dare not admit it) – deciding the type of shades, materials and colors. There are a host of shade types itself – from roller shades, venetian blinds, wood blinds, horizontal sheer blinds, roman shades, drapery track systems, pleated shades and honeycomb shades. Visit http: for more information. They have over 1500 different kinds of materials and colors to fit any space – office or work.

At this point, you shall probably also need to decide whether you wish motorized shades to keep the unsightly cords and wires out of sight. These cords and wires are also treacherous if you have kids or pets around the house. Besides the obvious convenience of having the blinds shut or open at the touch of a button, they can also be programmed to sync to the position of the sun and how much daylight you want in a particular spot in the house or office at a particular time of day. So optimize your use of daylight and save on energy costs. Also, if you have shades at a place that is difficult to access, motorized blinds and window treatments are the best choice. Motorized blinds can also be used in your conference and meeting rooms for the projector screens and of course, the shades themselves.

There are also many options when it comes to the kind of motors you shall be using depending on the kind of window, speed and whether the motor is noiseless.

Finally, the really fun part (it’s the husbands turn now) is how all this can be seamlessly fit into your automated system for the home which will include your entertainment, lighting and security.

But all this does not have to be a tedious process. Turn to the one stop shop for all your automated home system requirements.