There is no way to deny that homebuilder contractors are a very crafty lot. But there are thing that go beyond their capabilities. Smart Housing is one of them. Setting up a house with an automated system is something that requires knowledge of the technology.

Luckily for you HDH Tech is a company that knows his business, and is ready to work with your contractor of choice to make your property shine with the best smart technology in the market.

Homebuilders should take into consideration that smart housing doesn’t always have to do with placing wires. It also has to do with functionality. And that’s when HDH Tech’s expertise comes into play.

But why outsource? Well let’s a take a look at a few reasons to understand:


Most homebuilders lack the expertise to make a proper installation of smart house systems. Mistakes in the installation of this hardware can take away thousands of dollars off the contractors pocket if a bad wiring job is made, and he’s forced by contract to fulfill a guarantee with repairs. There is custom design involved and different understanding of location and electric wiring. If there is a single misstep made on this installation process he’ll lose money.

Handling of software

Another big deal breaker is the ability of the contractor to set up the software of a smart house system. As stated before, to make this system work properly from the moment of installation it must be programmed by a specialist. And unless the contractor has an in-house programmer it’s very doubtful he’ll set up your house system the way you want it to work. The client should always be stubborn about this and ask for a specialist. Or contract the services of an specialized company in the field to deal with the whole process.