Protocols are sets of standards or rules that is necessary for a subject to function.  Just like in home automation, there are many platforms or protocols that we can use in order for your homes and offices lighting systems, to get automated. It is allowing your home automation devices to communicate to each other.  It all depend on which platform fits your requirements best.

Here are some of the platforms available in the market to get your homes lighting systems automated.

  1. Blue Tooth- This technology is best use when you don’t want to be tied up to the internet. This platform will allow the user to switch off/on their lighting system, using their smart phones, making sure that no one could access their control thru the internet.  In this platform, switches will have to form in to a mesh network that will allow signals to the end switch. It has also developed a smart indoor and outdoor switch.  It is necessary, because of its limited distance capability.  The downside is the inability to use other phone in it, because of the absence of a smart hub support.
  2. Wifi- another good option is the Wifi. This protocol does not require hub and this will allow you to control your automation thru the internet. This means that you can turn on or off your lights at home, while you are away on vacation.  The downside of this protocol is the security risk of being able to expose your switches in the internet.
  3. Z-Wave- this protocol like blue tooth does not require an internet connection to use. They will not be a conflict with your other devices, as they communicate in their own language.  They also form a mesh network in the process and is reliable to use.
  4. Zigbee- Is another protocol similar to z-wave and blue tooth. The only downside is that, they need a hub to communicate.

Getting more knowledge about automated home lighting protocols

One way of acquiring knowledge on the protocols of automated home lighting is engaging an automation company.  This is to make sure that you will be able to choose the right protocol that best suits your needs.  These companies have gathered enough knowledge and skills thru years of experience in the industry.

The solution provider

One company, that maybe able to provide you, with the exact solution that you required, is HDH Technology.  They provide home automation for the past 30 years.  The company caters to automation needs of homes, commercial establishments and businesses.  You can reach them at and knowing more of their services, will give you the confidence that they will deliver.