We always hear the word CCTV but do you know what really it is? Do you have the right knowledge about it? There are different of CCTV that you must be aware of. So learn more about CCTV.

What is a CCTV?

It is an acronym for, closed-circuit television and also known as the video surveillance. It is a device installed on any part of the house, it can record the videos that it takes. This device is connected to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet that you can easily access wherever and whenever you are.

There are different kinds of CCTV like infrared security cameras, dome cameras, pro box cameras. Pan tilt zoom cameras and hidden cameras. Each type differs on the quality of videos that it can have.

Surveillance Purposes

The CCTV is widely use because it can be very beneficial to every home owner. It can use for crime prevention that reduces crime. It can make you monitor your house 24/7, and each day of the week. It can move its head, it tilt so it can see and record every part of the house.

You can now monitor your pet movement on the house, you can also monitor your baby’s activity. You can also see if there are intruders that want to come in your area. CCTV is very useful not just for home but also for works and businesses, it can see and record the videos whole day.

CCTV closed-circuit television cameras a new trend that can give you an access to see the activity on your house even if you are far away from home. Hdhtech.com is the site that can give you information about CCTV and its uses.