Office and office automation systems can automatically or automatically control multiple devices in the home or in the environment.

With automation, you can make your home or office work for you from an easy-to-use interface or anywhere in the world with a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Until recently, home automation was very difficult and expensive for most hosts. The technology has become a high demand by consumers for energy efficiency, digital entertainment and security, intelligent offices in smart homes or more popular and affordable buildings.

The price

The prices of access control systems vary greatly depending on the equipment you need, whether you choose a conventional or IP-based system, if you need to do it yourself and how many access points you have. Before properly evaluating the cost of your access control system, talk to a commercial representative about your specific needs.

Keep your employees and your company safe

The most important factor in the choice of an access control system should be safety. Services that lack basic security features, such as: Cuts, blocking patterns, and warnings do not reflect our evaluation well. There are many types of physical door readers and connectors, but the best services include the reader’s credentials, including memory readers and resolution processors, as well as the type of encryption. Instead of open source, private technology is safer and less comfortable to use.

The access devices to the door must be physically secured with separate screws and the cables must be adjacent and protected. Some readers can even restore alerts when they are physically modified or deleted. Door lock alerts can warn you that your favorite doors are kept for a long time. In addition to checking multiple credentials, this is required for different types of credentials.

Reports and administration

Manage your system the way you want. The detailed interface of the report contains information about the movements of your employees throughout the building that have been entered into the system, and when and when they use it. The best access control software is integrated into surveillance cameras, which record situations in which the employee uses credentials to open the door. These records are useful for investigating suspicious activities and verifying that employees are using credentials. The best systems can keep these records indefinitely, so you can go back to any date and view the record. This is very useful if you need to perform a security audit or investigate an accident in your organization.


Almost all the companies evaluated by us offer a professional installation by experts, installers or external suppliers. The number of doors that can be covered by the building’s access control system depends on the company. Some companies cover the number of doors required but are limited by the number of portlets supported by each panel.