Life can be so busy when you have a whole lot on your plate that needs trashing out, and things could get very frustrating if you don’t stay on top of your game, and by that I mean scheduling. Most of the Scheduling systems comes with a lots of different functions to precisely expedite and ease duties. A scheduling system is a well-designed software that useful fo managers to make schedules for their employees. This software makes use of algorithm and rules to help multiple people manage appointments and meetings

There are two ways to scheduling your day, it can either be manual or computerized. There are pros and cons to the use of the various types of scheduling.

Manual Scheduling

This is the process of using the traditional pen and paper to secure and plan activities, appointments and assignment to be carried out, and all these scheduling is funneled through a secretary with a general calendar. But, the issue with this type of scheduling is that the boss needs to constantly check back with the secretary to monitor next activity and also to intimate the secretary with times that are not feasible. With how fast things go on these days, this type of scheduling might not be tenable any longer.


Computerized Scheduling

Using algorithms, schedules can be arranged to flow seamlessly without harming the lifestyle. This type of scheduling is used when the participants are committed to keeping their schedules current and updated. But, the con to the usage of computerized scheduling system is that if the participant is oblivious of how to update the system, it can lead to a situation whereby the potential of the system is undermined.


Scheduling helps to keep order, but figuring out the best scheduling type that fits your lifestyle is really important. If you are the one that finds it difficult to be disciplined and consistent on your own, you might want to go with the manual scheduling.