Home automation is a concept and system which is gaining traction in the world of science and technology. We are now having smart homes which are totally in the control of the owners of such homes or their designates. These smart homes can be controlled with the press of a button either on a computer, smart phone, touch pad or any other kind of device.


The benefits of having an automated home is numerous but we will discuss a few of such benefits here

  1. Savings – this kind of homes helps the owners to save a lot on energy. Light bulb intensity can be turned down, and turned up as required by the owner. The heaters and heating elements can be regulated to suit the exact energy needs of the home and a lot of money can be saved by the owner having control. There is no situation of forgetting to turn off a gadget before going to work. All that can be done from anywhere with the press of a button.
  2. Security Benefits- a smart home is generally safer than homes which are not smart and controlled by automation systems. In a smart home at every point in time the owner can check on how secure or otherwise his home is and proceed to secure places which have not been secured. There is no situation of leaving a window or door open mistakenly. Everywhere is usually secure as the system does not allow for a break in the security of the building.
  3. Comfort- home automation allow comfort on the part of users as they do not have to physically go round closing windows or dimming bulbs and all of that. From their beds or arm chairs it is possible for all these things to be done in comfort.

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