When it comes to home automation systems, the most important system is the security system. In fact, these automated security systems are not only used in homes but also in various other buildings like offices, schools etc. The aim is to make sure that no one enters the premises without permission. The most important advantage is that installing a digital home security system is far cheaper that hiring a company to take care of the security matters of the building. Some of the important features of the system are:

The network of cameras:

The most important part of a security system is the network of CCTV cameras. These cameras would make sure that if someone enters the premises, he or she would be caught on the camera. This footage would also be stored in the system and hence can be retrieved later on. Also the authorities would be able to retrieve the footage remotely if there is authorisation. These cameras would be able to record the footage for 24 hours every single day. These cameras are very reasonably priced and also they are maintenance free.

A centralized control:

All the doors can be locked and unlocked from a central station. This is a great advantage because if a central control is present, then there is no requirement for a lot of personnel for safe keeping. Also all the camera feeds can be viewed from a central location. So a single person or a couple of people would be able to view all the regions in the building from a single room. If this is not the case, then there should be numerous security personnel in order to patrol different regions.