when it comes to building a new house, everyone would have a desire to make the house a very comfortable one. And home automation systems are capable of making things easier in our daily lives. Earlier these systems were quite expensive but with the development of technology, the cost of these systems has come down by quite some margin. These days, having such automation systems in your house is a symbol of social status as well. And the most popular automation system is the lighting system.

A Light control system lets you to control all the lights in your house centrally. This control can even be done with the help of a smart phone or a tablet.

It saves a lot of electricity

lighting control system makes sure that the lights are only ON when they are required. These systems use sensors to find out when people exit rooms and hence the lights would switch ON when the people enter the room. And the most important advantage that this system brings to your house is that a lot of electricity would be saved. And saving in terms of electricity means savings in terms of money. Also saving energy is a good thing towards the environment.

The life of the bulbs

There is technology, that makes the bulbs glow in lower brightness levels when they are not required and also if you need to change the mood, then you would be able to change the colour and the brightness of the lights. Since the bulbs need not glow in full brightness all the time, the life of these bulbs would be increased by a large margin.