Home automation is a recent phenomenon that caught some wind in its sails by the latter part of the 2010s. By the end of this decade, most people will have had some familiarity with the concept of smart home, though it is probably in the next decade when the concept will really take off and head towards mass market adoption. Overall technology has brought increasing ease and convenience to the lives of everyone. The luxuries which were within reach of only the elites are now within reach of average people. However, home automation technologies can take it to truly next level. Let us take a look at how home automation technologies can help you control your world.

Automation technologies

Home automation systems are based on a central home automation computer. This computer is connected to the controls to various appliances and switches for lights, fans etc. It can also be connected to various sensors such as motion sensor, infra-red sensor, light sensor etc. Besides, all computers have an internal clock. Combine all these factors and with some clever programming, one can make a lot of functions automatic. In the earlier days, home automation was limited to hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts. Most of the systems were built using commonly available computer platforms and you had to program it yourself to suit your house. However, today, there are several commercial home automation systems designed for everyone. You can perform functions such as turning off the lights when a room is unoccupied or turning on the coffee machine when you enter the bathroom to freshen up in the morning. The commercial systems are really easy to configure and use. Many systems connect to your smartphone and have a user-friendly app to control all the systems. Some have dedicated touch screen remotes.

Reduce the frustrations of chores

Most people prefer larger homes, but larger homes often come with significantly more tiring chores. For example, keeping a large home clean and keeping all the windows closed or open as required can be a time consuming and tedious task. But this can be taken care of by a robotic vacuum cleaner which operates according to a set schedule and motorised window openers which manage windows based on wind and atmospheric conditions.