Smart home devices have been made possible by the increased accessibility, reduced cost and miniaturization of electronic devices. Smart home devices can enable us to live our lives much more comfortably, conveniently and with a lot of ease. A lot of things we take for granted were only within reach of the royals and the nobility a few centuries ago. For example, daily chores such as washing clothes and dishes required a lot of manual work and were tedious. One needed several servants to take care of these tasks. However, most homes have a washing machine and many have a dishwasher. Smart home devices take it a step further. Smart home devices can also take care of turning on and off devices according to need. They can also be used to control devices by actuators. Here we shall take a look at smart home systems to take care of blinds and curtains.

The problem with too many windows

Most people prefer a large house with several windows for proper ventilation. However, these windows also come with additional chores. You need to close the blinds or curtains every evening or when you go to sleep. If you have a large house, it can become a tedious chore to go to every window to close or open the blinds and curtains every night and morning. This used to be taken care of an army of servants in buildings such as palaces and castles.

Automated operation of blinds and curtains

Nowadays you can get a wide range of motorized blinds and curtains to help you with the issue. These motorized devices can operate the blinds and windows based on electrical signals. These motorized blinds and curtains can either be operated from a switch panel located in a central location or connected to a smart home computer system. When connected to a smart home system, you can access the system from your smartphone or your computer and program them to open and close remotely. You can also set timer systems or sensor systems to automate when your blinds and curtains will be opened or closed.