The truth is that almost every research that is going on is aimed at making the lives of people comfortable by taking away the human touch in everything. In other words, almost everything is made automated and there are several advantages for this. The first advantage is that since the human touch is eliminated, the accuracy of the processes would increase by a large margin. Another advantage is there would be very little wastage of resources. And time can also be considered as a resource. An office is a place where a lot of people would work and hence if the aim of an office automation system would be to reduce the need for human work.

Making sure that the ambient atmosphere is always present

The employees as well as the machines would only work to their full potential if the atmosphere or the surroundings are proper in every manner. Hence the need to maintain an ambient temperature and also ambient pressure is very high. For example, an automated office would have systems that would monitor the temperature and adjust the working of air conditioners.

Notifying the officials

Another important thing is that whenever there is a problem with any system, the official should be notified as soon as possible. This is required because if the maintenance process is delayed even for a small period of time, the whole office would have to pay a huge price. Also if the firm has multiple offices that are connected together, the problems at one office would affect others as well. So another advantage of an automated office is that there would be provisions for monitoring the different systems and networks.