The world of Home Automation is growing at a rapid pace and it is fueled by the extreme demand for control systems operated by voice. Do you know who require these systems the most? Yes, you guessed it right, the disabled and the elderly (especially the ones living alone) need such systems the most and some of the best home automation brands, like HDH Tech, are working hard to provide people with the finest voice recognition systems.

Components Responsible for Working of A Voice Recognition System

In order to understand the working of a Voice Recognition System properly, it is important to know about its components. Here are the major ones:

  1. A device that captures speech: It is often a microphone and a converter that converts analog signals into digital ones.
  2. A DSP (Digital Signal Processor) module: It processes digital signals so that they can convert the frequency domain from time domain, for the simple reason of retaining the primary information.
  3. A Preprocessed Storage System for Storing Signals: It is simply a memory card that stores the commands.
  4. Predefined Patterns of Speech: These patterns are present in the memory just as a matching reference.
  5. An Algorithm for Matching Patterns: It compares the incoming speech signals with the cited speech patterns.

What Voice Recognition Systems Control?

The voice control systems can virtually control everything a home automation system is fabricated to do. For example, it can turn on, off or dim the lights of your home, disable or enable the alarm, control the sound and channels of your home theatre system, and all other tasks your home automation system can do.

This information is enough to confirm that Voice Recognition Systems can control everything in a home.