The development of technology has certainly had its influence in all the different fields. In fact, most of these influences have been positive ones. One such field is that of conducting conferences. A few years ago, during the time when internet was not as developed as it is now, conferences had to be arranged by the concerned company or firm. Then all the participants would have to physically come to the location in order to take part. This process got transformed with the arrival of the internet. Now people simply need a smart phone or a computer in order to take part in a conference and do not need to travel physically to the location.

Saves a lot of money:

The convention conferences costs a hell lot of money to the firm. The members need to be brought to the location and they need to be provided the accommodation at the location. Company would have to pay for all these. Also there needs to be a venue for the conference. This too increases the cost of the programme. Also the conference can be held even if the participants are in different countries.


In a normal conference the members might not be able to show pie charts or presentations. But in a video conference, the participants would be able to show pie charts and all sorts of graphs. Also the company would be able to conduct the conference whenever required. There need not be any preparation. This would thereby allow the firm to solve problems whenever they occur. Also conferences can be organised at all the different levels of the company unlike earlier times.