The average crime rates have gone up and are still on the rise. The reasons may be numerous and the only thing that we can do to make sure that our homes and offices are secure is to install a very efficient security system. There is nothing wrong in spending a few bucks on such a security system. With the advancements in technology, the security systems that are available in the market have also evolved. These days almost everything in a house is automated and the security system is no exception. In fact the security system works in cooperation with different other systems in the house, like the lighting system.

Security 24 x7:

It is not possible to say that the crimes would only take place during the night time. So there should be provisions in the security system so that the house is monitored accordingly depending upon the time. For example, during day time the window and door sensors can be left in ON state. This would trigger the alarm when someone tries to break in through the windows or the doors.

Also during the night time all the cameras can be made to detect motion in the premises of the house and if an intruder is detected, then the alarm can be triggered.

Another feature is that the security system should be able to notify the owners as well the local authorities when an intruder tries to break in while the owner is away. This is also true in the case of offices since offices would be completely shut down during holidays.

Finding the right seller:

There are numerous sellers in the market and fining a reputed one is very important. this is because, the system might get damaged in the future and hence the seller should be able to carry out the maintenance activities. Most of the sellers have their own website and hence you can know all about the seller from the internet.