Making sure that your office and home is safe at all times is a very important thing. In fact there are many security systems that offer numerous levels of protection. But the most common and the most popular form of security system is a network of CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are fairly cheaper when compared to other forms security systems. But even though these are cheap, they are very effective. It is always better to make sure that an unwanted event or a crime doesn’t take place rather than dealing with it after it has already taken place. The meagre feeling that you are being watched would keep most people from committing crimes. Some of the advantages of the CCTV security systems are:

Make sure that you have eyes everywhere:

This is perhaps the most important advantage. It is impossible to watch over an entire office. If this is to be achieved, there must be a fleet of security personal. Also there are chances that some security personal might be inefficient and hence when a crime takes place, the security people might not notice it. With a network of CCTV cameras in place, even a single security person can watch over the entire area of the office. Also in the case of houses, the cameras can be placed everywhere around the house and hence whenever someone tries to enter the house without consent. He or she would be caught on tape.


Another advantage is the fact that the footage of a few days will be stored in the back up device. This is help the official to identify the culprit if a crime is committed. Also you will be able to produce the visuals as evidence against the culprit.

Remote access:

The CCTV network has an added advantage and this is because you can access your CCTV footage remotely. In fact you can access these footages from your mobile phone or laptop.