CCTV cameras vary from basic monitoring systems to more advance system that can be used to identify people and even provide high definition images and videos that can help when it comes to prosecution. The best CCTV system should not only be pocket friendly but also of very high quality. Today, there are several CCTV systems on the market hence making it very hard to identify which one is best for you need. Another difficult task is identifying the location to install the CCTV cameras, areas that are more vulnerable and should be under surveillance. These systems are usually long term investments and one should always consult a technical expert and sales representative before choosing one.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself and a technical sales representative before choosing a CCTV system.

What requirements do you have in terms of security?

Your requirements will directly influence the type of CCTV system you choose or need. Also the reasons behind a need for a security system will come into play; these can be theft, industrial espionage, burglary, vandalism etc. you should therefore outline your reasons and requirements before getting a CCTV system.

What are the available solutions?

Once you get the security problem you are facing, then you move to the next step which involves finding a solution to the problem. This solution can be in several ways like setting up a guard, automated lighting systems, alarm systems, fences or even CCTV systems. They solution will be determined by the problem and the requirements, however, we advise that you list all possible solutions as some maybe literally impracticable and others may be very costly. However, the best solution is always the CCTV system as it is cost effective and more practicable.

In case you chose a CCTV system as your solution you need to know and understand the types of CCTV cameras that will satisfy your requirements. Whether you will monitor it on your own or through a third party and if require a network access through cable or remotely.

Available CCTV cameras.

There exist two categories, colored cameras and black and white cameras. The colored cameras will require a high level of lighting as compared to the black and white. Black and white cameras will offer high resolution in low light whereas colored cameras will enable you detect object and identify them through color.

Monitoring this CCTV system

The next decision is how you will monitor your CCTV system. Most of these systems have the main output which can be used to monitor on a TV outlet. There is the spot out monitoring where the cameras are monitored in full screen mode in a certain sequence. Lastly, there is the VGA output that can be plugged into PCs or any other VGA compatible monitor for monitoring. These systems also aloe for remote access over the internet. In this case you need to consult a sales representative at HD tech to help you understand more.