Companies are purchasing the teleconferencing facilities form This gives rise to the question “why is video conferencing gaining popularity?”

Reduces travelling

Well, there are number of reason to why businesses are using the facility of teleconferencing. The article will look at the reason and advantages of teleconferencing. The biggest gain in teleconferencing facility is because of the contribution of the technology in the cost reduction. The business personnel do not need to travels in order to complete their meeting goals as it can be done online. The cost of oil and petrol has increase in past few years and that has increased the rates of flying. The companies, who regularly fly for client presentation, client updates, find that using teleconferencing technology has reduced their costs.


The affordability and the web access through broadband is another reason why teleconferencing is gaining popularity. In the current times, most of the business use broadband as compared to the dial up connections. Using broadband technology leads to reduction of costs and integration become simple in offices. Most of the homes also contain the broadband technology which makes it easy to communicate as the employees can conduct meeting and communicate form their home. explains that the camera technology improvements have been another reason for popularity of teleconferencing. In fact a cheap camera is also able to transmit the quality images which were not possible a few years back. The conferencing technology improves the business productivity of used in proper manner. The travelling need is eliminated and thus the companies save time and money both. The employees can spend more time in being productive by doing other tasks. They can focus on new innovations. These are the reasons why video teleconferencing is gaining popularity. The teleconferencing is also useful in schools for teaching purpose.