When it comes to building a new house, one of the most important sections to take care of is the extend of automation incorporated in the house. Technology has come so far that all home automation systems have become very efficient and easy to use. Also the cost at which these come have also reduced and hence the popularity of such systems have increases exponentially. The truth is that the arrival of such automated systems in to our houses have changed the way we live and carry out our day to day activities. There are numerous sites like hdhtech.com in the internet that can help you with gathering knowledge about home automation. This change occurs at different levels:

Lighting systems have evolved:

Earlier people had to manually switch the lights On and Off. But with the arrival of automatic lighting systems in to the scene, all the lights in a house can be operated with ease from a single point. Also in some systems the lights can be controlled from devices like smartphones and tablets. The only requirement would be that these need to be connected to the internet. There are systems that can switch the lights off when there is no one in the room. This helps to reduce the usage of electricity.

Security can be tightened:

Home automation is used most frequently in the security field. An array of CCTV cameras along with a central control system would be able to detect if someone enters the compound without the permission of the residents. Also the security system can be linked with the lighting system and hence when a security breach occurs, all the lights around the house would be switched On and hence the intruders would be alarmed.