In the present world where technological advancements are making different aspects of life easier everyday, it is no wonder the business world also gets an upgrade. Teleconferencing is a telecommunications way of communication where two or more parties are connected electronically even when they are in different locations. Video teleconferencing integrates video and audio to provide images and voice at the same time. The business world has seen many benefits as a result of this development.

Higher productivity

With globalization, companies have several offices across countries and even around the world. Communication usually suffers in such cases but he face-to-face feature of video teleconferencing can make the difference. Providing outstanding communication where it was either non existent or weak before tends to make participators more alert and result in ultimate productivity increase.

Lower cost of travel

Video teleconferencing is becoming even more available, clearer and easier to use. With this, a business partner can be represented in various locations just by getting connected. This cuts down the pressing need to travel for every meeting and by so doing, lowers the general cost of travel.

Competitive advantage

With many companies competing in the same market, the importance of quick relay of information and execution cannot be overemphasized. Teams can get work on products and ideas finished faster and the company does not have to come in second with the next big idea.

Better communications and relationships

Body language and facial expressions tell a lot about a conversation. Since these are visible in video teleconferencing comprehension is accelerated and both sides are well understood. a long trip is now unnecessary to achieve the same thing that can be easily done a t a computer screen.