Companies now a days use various tools and technologies now a days. Companies they use various types visual displays and monitors to showcase their things.

To showcase the history of the company- Various companies use these visual displays and monitors to show their history to the people those who visit their company. This is also a very good medium to motivate their employees by showing them the old pictures and videos. They also showcase the photos of the employees who have excelled in their field and have contributed in the upbringing of the company.

To have live conferencing- Live Conferencing have become a very important in daily functioning of the companies. Live conferencing is important to the companies as if saves the time and money of the company. It cuts down the cost of travelling, staying and other things that the people from other offices of the company will bring to the company when they travel from one part of the country or one part of the world to have meeting with other coworkers. They can show the progress to the customer on their projects from time to time. This gives relief to the client as they then can see the progress on the work in which they are spending huge amount.

To show various important things to all the employees and people who visit the company- There are various companies that are dependent on various external factors. Like companies who are dealing with share market need to see the share market all the time. Companies dealing with minerals and other resources also need to see all various important rates and news on the product with which they are dealing with. So, these companies they put news, weather, and other updates which their employees need to see from time to time to work with that information.