With the passage of time, every field has modernized, same goes for the security and surveillance department. CCTV cameras have invaded every aspect of delivering premium footage of activities at workplaces, hospitals, supermarkets, schools and roads. Video calls have taken over the audio calls. Hence video form of data has become a normal, day to day form of communication.

Videoconferencing has also taken over the business field, mainly due to its plenty of benefits. It is not equivalent to a normal phone call and has become more frequently used mode of communication in the business field. Visual demos of products are now given insteal of live demos. This helps to cater a large number of audience within a place and helps to introduce the product more effeciently. Today, even the most biggest of firms like Samsung, Apple etc use videoconferencing to unveil their new products. There are many other benefits of video conferencing; some of them are listed below:

Improves communication and builds stronger relationships:

A video conference allows to visually see the person. The body language and actions of the the caller are well recognisable. This leads to a better interface between business companies. The interaction between the firms is enhanced with this engagement of participants via video teleconferencing. These outcomes are lost with a regular, audio call.Within a single office, the usage of video teleconferencing between the boss and the team of employees helps maintain a friendly bond and stronger relationship between the two parallels of a workplace.

Reduces the cost of travelling:

The option of being virtually present at a workplace through video conferencing  has cancelled out the need for travelling. For businessmen, it is hectic and tiring to change flights everynow and then to meet business teams in different parts of the world. Video conferencing delivers a combo of quality and availability with its modern approach. The voice is perfect and so is the sound quality. If the costs of all these flights in a year are calculated, they would extend to limitless  boundaries. And they are not the only cost. The charges of accomodation, food etc are too high itself.This money is saved only because of an option of video conferencing.