It is impossible to monitor everything that happens at your work place. An increased trend of installing surveillance cameras has been seen all over the world. This is greatest at business places. Small business owners as well as large businessmen are investing their money in security maintenance and surveillance systems to keep them updated about what’s happening when they are not around. Installation of CCTV cameras at offices has become a mandatory law in many countries. This ensures security of the workers as well as of the equipment at the office. This aids in many different ways. The employees are kept in watch and any kind of illegal behavior is kept at watch. Moreover, the saved video recordings are used everywhere as evidence to catch the culprits of illegal activities. This is of greatest assistance to the police department. There are some reasons that should be kept in mind as to why security and surveillance is essential at offices:

Theft can be monitored:

It is pretty easy for employees to steal money as well as personal belongings of co workers when no one is watching. Theft can happen in a number of ways. These include stealing money from the cashier’s drawer, or from a college’s purse or stealing some one’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Companies lose about $400 billion as theft. Cameras not only identify the theif but the fear of being watched also diminishes the theft rate everywhere. The constant video surveillance aids the police department to the fullest. It helps to get to the thief and the stolen items can be easily retrieved. The stolen items can then be given to its rightful owner.

Surveillance can provide evidence for harrassment:

Harrassment issues are taken very seriously by the courts everywhere in the world. Even the greatest of celebrity or any most authoritative person like a politician can not escape the wrath of harrassment, if he is convicted to it. In an office, it is the responsibilty of the boss to stop any kind of inappropriate employee behavior. Security cameras within offices help to monitor any kind of misbehavior, be it sexual or otherwise. Moreover, if a person is accused of causing harrassment then his workplace video data would help to get evidence for it. He can then be rightfully convicted for the crime.