It feels so good when you walk into a house whose doors automatically open, humidity and the temperature is auto-modified, and the lights automatically turn on and off. Many people in the world get the same feeling as you are getting while reading this. The only difference is that you are feeling great by reading this article and they feel great by being in such a home.

Property developers and home automation have made the dreams a reality and people are preferring smart homes over traditional ones. Many reports suggest that smart homes industry is poised to grow rapidly and will cross $21 billion worth by 2020. This is a very good news for all the smart home lovers and property developers. Here are some of the main automation technologies property developers will be focusing in near future.

Home Automation

Home automation includes controlling the lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, and security. It also includes controlling appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, televisions, air conditioners, microwaves, music systems, etc. All this controlling is done remotely or by the voice of homeowner. You can also pre-program all these and enjoy a life which is digital, in control and easy.

Video Door Phones

Video door phones are very important for security. Although various security amenities like CCTV cameras, sensors, and security guards are available nowadays, people want to have control over their own safety and security. Here, video door phone is the solution because it allows the homeowners to see the visitors. All the leading property developers are including video door phones in their residential projects.

Digital Keys

Conventional keys can be stolen or lost. This puts the security of your house in danger. This danger is mitigated by digital keys. These are the keys which use biometrics, voice recognition and face recognition for the safety of your house. The wonderful thing about these keys is that they can be remotely activated or disabled. Many property developers are using digital keys in their projects, especially in the properties of senior citizens because senior citizens usually have a habit to forget things.