The coming of automation fields and industrial robots has somewhat made humans redundant in certain job positions. Over the years, the mass retrenchment of workers across the globe has been largely attributed to the rapid shift to automated systems and robots. Millions of workers around the globe now live without jobs thanks to the coming of automated systems. In the eyes of such people and those related to them, automated systems and robots are not good.

But, are there any advantages that have come with the automated systems and robots? It is perhaps time to consider any of the benefits that have come with the introduction of automated systems and robots in the industry. Some of the major advantages of automated systems and robots are indicated in the passage.


In industry, most tasks have been to be repeated over and over again. Human error either reduces the rate at which this can be achieved or even makes it impossible. Robots can easily repeat tasks over millions of occasions.

Increased efficiency in as far as production is concerned

Since robots do not get tired, go on leave or get sick, they can work for a lengthy period of time. Further, they can be programmed to make products at very high rates. As such, they can raise a company’s production capacity by a significant extent.

Reduced labor costs

If more robots take over human roles, there will be reduced need for employees. This will mean a reduction in the labor costs.

Reduced accidents and fatalities at work

Even though the coming of automated systems and robots has led to the reduction of the size of the labor force, it has enhanced the safety of work places in most industries. Dangerous tasks that in the past had been renowned for claiming millions of lives are now done by robots. This has significantly helped to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities in industries.