Wondering what is this new technology we are talking about? It’s just a technical term for smart homes. The future of our homes will involve various automated features, like controlling the heat, air conditioning, lighting and security using one mobile operating device. Even a few years ago, the automation systems were limited to the big office blocks and super expensive homes and consisted very basic features, like heating and cooling control automation, lighting automation etc accessible from the fixed control devices placed all over the building. With home solutions you can now access various functionalities from minimal number of mobile devices.

A home automation process comprises two important aspects, namely mobile control services and automation services.

Automation services: Any automation process requires a control system to be successful. Most of the home automation solutions until a few years ago came with fixed control tools. But with the advent of technology, we have seen a drastic change in the home automation solutions. From light control to audio system to the motorization of curtains and drapes, everything can be easily controlled by the home automation technology. It involves simple things like automatically changing the tone of your lamp shade at a fixed time set by you in the automation system. The concept rotates around, making your day-to-day life simpler to manage; thus giving you time to concentrate on more important things in life.

Mobile Control Services: Most home automation services come with remote devices which you can access your home automation facilities from anywhere in the world. It means that when you are on a month long holiday, you do not have to worry about that light you left on in your bedroom before leaving. You can unlock the door at the click of your finger.