A smart home is a building made from scratch that is wired with a special kind of wiring which allows its residents to use all the basic functions of their home from any remote location via applications on their smartphones. A smart home is something which uses smart devices of today’s generation to automate various functions of your home. It’s built to keep in mind the comfort of its residents. With a touch of a finger, you can draw your curtains, switch on/off the lights when leaving the room and put the coffee to brew at the set time of your choice. Thus a smart home has you covered in every way possible.

Intelligent AI:

A smart home today is one of the most Artificial Intelligence tools existing on this planet. With self-learning algorithms, smart home automation systems can slowly learn to adapt to your comfort levels just like a housekeeper. It will learn when you have to wake up every day and will suggest setting the alarm clock for that particular time. Do you like to listen to certain kind of music in the evening to unwind yourself? The smart home knows it all and you will enter your home every day with that song already playing.


Do not worry about the security of the home. Smart homes come equipped with high quality anti-hacking software which is automatically updated to protect you from all kinds of new bugs and spam. Smart home owners sleep better without worrying about their security. They are equipped with sensory devices placed all over the house and an automatic call goes off to the police station upon sensing the slightest of movement in the middle of the night.