Confused as to what a smart home really does to make your life luxurious and comfortable. Here are seven features that make smart homes the necessity for the future generations to come.


  1. Security: With high security features like control over arming/disarming your alarm system with a click in reminders to set a reminder for you to change the digital security key of your house, you feel the precautions for safety.
  2. Heating and Cooling control: Automate your heating and cooling process according to the outside weather. In case of sudden increase in temperature, a smart home will automatically lower the inside temperature to maintain the optimum temperature.
  3. Scanning for errors or flaws: Regular self scanning is in place to check for potential threats in terms of viruses, bugs and spam. This will ensure continuous updates and check ups on your smart home.
  4. Wake up call: Like any decent hotel facility, your smart home will have the feature to wake you up at the time of your choice not by ringing an alarm but by giving you an automatic call. It will also remember not to wake you up on Sundays!
  5. Electrical Appliances control: Today’s technology has made it possible to automate the entire food making process. In that scenario, if smart homes can allow you to control all your appliances, like coffee machines, washing Machines and Juicers via your smart device, it should not surprise anyone.
  6. Audio System: A heaven for an audiophile, smart homes link all the speakers and audio devices in your home and let you enjoy your favorite song from any part of your nest. What a way to release stress after a tough day at work!
  7. Lighting: Last but not least, you can control all the lights of the house from your bedroom.