To protect sunlight from entering and warming the house, people opt for curtains but the springs or cables in them get tangled and piles up extra work for them. The best solution to get rid of such hassles is Automated curtains.

With automated curtains from HDH Tech, you get the power to open or close them in just a single click. Moreover, automated curtains are always perfectly positioned and aligned. Here are the top 5 tips for choosing automated curtains.

1.      Durability of Motor

When you go for automated curtains, you certainly spend a bit more than the ordinary ones. So, you will never want that your hard-earned money is put into something useless. As the motor is the most important part of the automated curtains, check it for durability.

2.      Customer Support

Getting automated curtains installed means that queries about their functioning, etc. might pop-out any time. Also, some technical issues with some consumers can’t be ruled out. To resolve all the queries and issues, it is necessary that the company from which you are buying them provides a dedicated customer support.

3.      Integration of Apps with the Motor

Now, all the big companies offering automated curtains make them accessible via apps on your smartphone. So, before making the purchase find out whether the motor of these curtains supports remote options or apps integration.

4.      Noise Produced by the Motor

All your efforts to get automated curtains installed will be wasted if their motor makes noise. So, do not hesitate to ask for a demo because it is also the easiest way to see your prospective motor working.

5.      The Power Supplied to the Motor

This is yet another factor to consider before choosing an automated curtain. Find out if the chosen one has a battery-powered motor, a wired motor, or is just plug and play.