Just as your vehicle can’t run smoothly without regular tune-ups, oil changes, and the fuel, your cooling and heating systems need regular maintenance to run smoothly. The heating and cooling equipment when installed in a business premise should undergo regular maintenance because this helps them to last long.

The major temperature control devices

In comparison to a usual thermostat, when a programmed thermostat is used in temperature control systems, the results are cheaper and more efficient. A usual thermostat is operated manually, you need to physically start or stop an air conditioner and the heater. On the other hand, a smart thermostat, like the one from HDH Tech, is computerized and has memory chips which help it to automatically maintain a room’s temperature. A temperature controlling system is connected to a cooling and heating system. It uses different control systems such as logic, linear, on and off, etc.

The easiest and cheapest controls

The easiest and cheapest controls to apply are on and off. In a smart thermostat, when the temperature rises above the pre-decided point, the air conditioner switches on automatically. Conversely, when the temperature falls below the previously set point the air conditioner switches off and the heater turns on. All this process is done automatically in a smart thermostat. They are cheaper to operate but the costs involved in repairing the faults of temperature control valves are high.

In the case of a linear control system, the regulation of set point is done by a control loop consisting of sensors, control algorithms, and actuators. The logic control system is made up of programmable logic devices or microcontrollers. These systems are designed easily and can handle complicated systems. That’s why they are also used in temperature control systems.