Temperature and humidity greatly affect office productivity. These two factors can very much contribute to the well-being of office workers, the performance of machines/equipment , and the longevity and quality of office documents, photos and paintings. An excellent office air conditioning system is a must for an office which roots for high human and machine productivity.

So what can be achieved if an office has good air conditioning system?

High Personnel Productivity

Based on several studies, poor office temperature and humidity can lead to slacking and laziness of office workers. Too low temperatures can lead to sleepiness during work hours while high temperatures can cause agitation and mood swings among workers.

With good air conditioning system, there can never be too low nor too high temperatures. This ensures that all workers are comfortable in their office climate. Comfort, after all, is one of the keys for high brain work and productivity.

Long Shelf-life for Documents

Temperature and humidity are a significant factor in the condition of office and business documents. High temperature and humidity can obscure and destroy important office documents over time.

To maintain the quality of these documents, a controlled office climate must be in place where temperature and humidity can be adjusted to suit their needs.

Longevity of Office Equipment and Artworks

Temperature and humidity affects performance and shelf-life of equipment. Office printers can drain ink very fast under high temperature. Rust can develop as a result of high humidity and can affect paper cutters, computers, keys and keyholes, and even metal waste bins.

Photos and artworks inside the office can also be affected by temperature and humidity as well as wooden office furniture where moisture can easily deteriorate the quality of wood material. These problems can be answered by a controlled climate given by a good air conditioning system.

Where Can I Purchase a Good Air Conditioning System?

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