History behind the visual displays and monitors

Technology advancement has been rampant in the recent years, there has been a series of development over the past years. Focusing on electronic visual display technology.

Over the past years visual display devices used the electromechanical system technology to display text but this has changed since the advancement and coming of other complex inventions. In the recent times, technology behind visual display has changed to full-motion 3D color graphic displays.

Over the past decades cathode ray tubes (CRT) was employed using the electromagnetic system technology but this has changed in the recent years, liquid crystal (LCD) and solid state devices like LEDs and OLEDs are the technologies on board.

What is an electronic visual display?

Electronic visual display is a displaying device that presents text, images or video by electronic means without producing a permanent record. Examples of electronic visual displays include;

  • Monitors
  • Digital signage
  • Television sets
  • Projector

The technologies behind these electronic visual displays varies depending on the device on play, these technologies include;

  • Electroluminescent (EL) display
  • Liquid crystal (LC) display that employs the LED technology.
  • Plasma (P) display
  • Quantum dot (QD) display.

Classification of electronic visual display

There are two different ways in which electronic visual display displays the visual information, this includes;

  1. Emitting light

In this case the whole process of light emission, results to an output that displays visual information, the light emitters called the active displays.

  • Light modulation

In this case the visual information is displayed through modulating the available light during the transmission process, the light modulators are called passive displays.

The electronic visual system has a display unit that is used to display images generated by a computer or any other given device. It plays the same role as a computer monitor.


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