Security systems are very important in the case of a house. It is always better to prevent an undesirable event rather than seeking for a solution after it occurs. These days almost all the systems in a house are automated and this is also the case with security systems. Since all the systems in the house are automated, they are controlled from a central computer system. Hence one system can control all the other systems in the house. This is of great advantage in the case of security systems.

What is an automated lighting system?

A conventional lighting system is one in which you have to manually turn the lights on and Off. But in the case of an automated lighting system, the control system would switch the lights on and off according to the need of the user. This kind of lighting system has a lot of advantages and the most important one is the fact that there will be a large amount of reduction in the energy bills. The reason is that an embedded system based automated lights would sense the presence of people in the room and hence the lights would be switched on only when necessary.

Automated lighting system as a part of security system:

In the case of modern security systems, one of the most effective features is that it can turn on all the lights in the interior and exterior of the house when a security breach occurs. A combination of sensors and alarms are used in order to find out when an intruder arrives.

A network of security cameras also form an integral part of the security system. These cameras constantly monitor the premises of the houses and also these cameras record the footage. Hence even if an intruder manages to break into the house, the officials will be able to recognise the culprit after the incident takes place.