TV mirrors are essentially your typical television with a transparent mirror coating so that it functions as a mirror in favorable light conditions when turned off. Just like any other device, it needs proper handling and care to ensure you get the most out of your viewing experience. Here are five easy ways you can maximize the use of your new TV mirror.

Choosing the right location

1. Position the lightining.

Don’t place lighting directly in front of the TV mirror. This means avoiding direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting from coming contact into the screen. This will wash out the pictures while you’re enjoying your TV. Lighting should be directed on the space and objects around the TV.

2. Use curtains or shades.

It’s ideal for the TV mirror to not be placed directly in front of a window to avoid glares. However, if this is not possible, you may opt to place shades or curtains on your window to block outdoor light.

3. Set your TV mirror at eye level.

Don’t forget to position the TV at eye level or at a comfortable viewing distance and angle.

Taking care of your TV mirror

1. Only use safe mirror cleaners.

Use ammonia-free cleaners with a soft lint-free cloth when trying to wipe down your TV mirror. When cleaning, it is crucial to do so lightly do avoid causing any scratches on the screen. Use of harsh chemicals to clean your device may ruin the quality of the screen.

2. Adhere to the electronic specifications.

To avoid any risk of electrocution and damage to the device, make sure that it is connected to properly grounded outlets. Only use cords and adapters provided with the product. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing or making any adjustments.

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