You might be wondering why your energy bills shoot up to the roof during warmer seasons. Well, this is due to heat itself. Unfortunately, environmental heat significantly increases your home’s energy consumption if you’re not very careful of your house’s design and equipment lay-out. The more heat the machine is exposed to, the more energy it consumes. The second law of thermodynamics also say that warmer air will always move into cooler environments. That makes your home a clear target for heat transfer and thus sometimes affect your energy bills.

The problem is presented. But what is the possible solution for this? You can call it Motorized Window Shades. Check out below the advantages of installing it in your homes.

You can save energy

Energy is created nor destroyed. So I guess you just have to automatically block the heat using a motorized window shades. If you have a smart home, you can integrate the motorized window shades to adjust to your air conditioning system; thereby always taking into account your current home temperature. If your thermostat detects rising of temperature (warmer), it can signal your motorized window shades to close to cool down temperature. This whole process could save energy from your HVAC system.

It’s upgradable

Motorized window shade could be upgraded by integrating it to your Smart Home system. This means that you can schedule its opening and closing in a specific time of the day. You can also have it connected to your HVAC/ Air-conditioning system so that both systems could work side by side during temperature changes. You can also add touch motion sensitivity as an upgrade. Check with HDH Tech for any question about home automation upgrades.

Over-all convenience

Remotely controlling your window shades thru a SmartApp (for smartphones and tablets) or just by integrating it into your full-home automation system brings a lot of convenience. You can have your motorized window shades adjust to temperatures and amount of light, opening and closing it without contact, and it can even help with your security- a moving blinds after all makes you think that someone is home.