An expanding business often translates as a physical space expansion leading to an increase in costs and a direct hit on your bottom line. With the latest noise-reducing window treatments, you can accommodate a larger employee base in the same area. Read on to find out how your office can benefit from the window shades that can lower sound.

Noise Reducing Window Shades

While no window treatments can completely contain noise, the latest noise-reducing shades can substantially lower the sound and ensure that it does not disturb the rest of the office area. These window coverings can be,

  1. Cellular shades – Cellular shades help in containing noise because of their honeycomb-like construction. Their ‘cells’ are capable of capturing and trapping sound, thereby, providing a genuine layer of protection.
  2. Pleated shades – As the name suggests, these shades have pleating and work in a fashion similar to that of the cellular shades. However, as they don’t have a cell-like construction, they can’t provide the same high level of noise reduction as a double-layered cellular shade.
  3. Roman shades – Roman shades, particularly the ones made from thick fabric, can help contain noise to some extent.
  4. Drapes – As drapes too are made out of fabric they work in a similar fashion like the roman shades. Further, drapes can be combined with any of the three window treatments mentioned above to maximize noise reduction.

Using more than one window treatment can decrease some noise from escaping or entering the enclosed area. Motorized shades and drapery, like the ones provided by HDH Tech, can provide a convenient partition of space and an effective reduction in noise. If you are considering a noise reduction window treatment then you can benefit from their free consultation services available at The experts at HDH Tech can help you understand how window shades can provide a noise control solution that is most suited to your office space.