If you are planning to remodel your house, then installing an automation system in your renewed house would be a very good thing to do. There is a major misconception that all such systems are not affordable but this is not true because the costs have come down by a long way in the past few years. Also there is common fear that a lot of maintenance would be required for such systems. This is also a misplaced fear. The automation systems available now are quite durable and of the highest quality. If you are about to purchase such an automation system, then go for an automated lighting controls or security controls.

What are the advantages of automated lighting controls?

The most important advantage is that these automated lighting controls would ensure that the electricity bills are reduced by a large margin. This is achieved by switching the lights OFF when the lights are not required. Also another advantage is the reduction in the energy usage. This is in fact a contribution towards the betterment of the environment. Also you would have remote control of all the lights in the house no matter where they are.

Security system

An automated security system would have a network of sensors and CCTV cameras in order to ensure that whenever an intruder enters the premises, suitable procedures would be initiated. This system would be able to tell the lighting controls to ensure that all the lights in the house would be switched ON when an intruder enters. This is to ensure that all the neighbours would be alerted. If the residents are not home, even then they would be notified about the security status.