There is a new wave of lighting and it is for our smart homes. These lighting solutions can help with security ambiance, work productivity, and many other things. The best thing is you can control them with your smart device or with your voice. The new age is here and it is astounding.

Types of lighting:
There is wireless lighting; this is simply a keyboard that controls all the lighting and even some other functions in your home. These can even be moved from place to place in some cases to control how a certain area looks in your home, almost like magic. These come with custom, sleek, designs that fit any interior and not only control your lights but also lights, music, and movies in some cases.

There is also the new voice-controlled lighting this is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, and all you have to do is tell Alexa what you want done and presto it’s done. Want your walkway lit up when you’re coming up the walk, hey it’s done. You can ask Alexa to dim your lights by a certain percentage either in specific rooms or in the whole house. You can also turn your lights off and on at the same time with nothing more than a simple voice command.

You also have the exterior lighting; this allows you to illuminate specific landscape pieces or just to light up the darker parts of your yard. This is a great security measure as it can also be set with motion detectors when someone or something comes into your area uninvited.

Specialty Solutions:
Then you have the really neat stuff. There is a Bluetooth light that will connect with Bluetooth and light up according to your music. There are smart lamps that work with specific colors for work, mood, ambiance, and whatever you can imagine. Helia bulbs eliminate the harmful blue light that affects our sleep pattern by replacing it with violet Led light instead of allowing for a much better rest. There are even light strips that you can use to illuminate special pieces of furniture or art. The best part is they can all be controlled by your phone.