Home automation has been a field that has been on the frontline for quite some time. A few years back the home automations systems costed a fortune to install but these days the costs have come down by a large margin. Hence these systems can be afforded even by the middle class as the prices are not so high. Also the maintenance requirements of the systems available these days are quite low. The quality and durability of these systems are very high. Also a lot of new innovations are coming up in this field.

A smart lighting control system:

This system includes all the lights in the house. They ensure that the residents would be able to effectively control all the lights. There would be a central controller when it comes to these systems. Also if there is connectivity to the internet then the residents would be able to control the lights from their phones and tablets if there is an internet connection. There would be network of sensors which would allow the system to switch off the lights when they are not in use. This would also ensure savings in terms of electricity. This would in turn be reflected in terms of money.

Security system:

An automated security system includes CCTV cameras, sensors and a central processing unit. The footage would be stored for quite some time and hence they can be retrieved whenever required. Also the sensors would find out if there is a breach in the system. If the system has internet connectivity, then the residents would be notified about the breach even if they are away from the home. This is done with messages via smart phones.