The word teleconferencing is used to represent the virtual meeting of two or more people over long distance. This meeting is carried through video conferencing tools which are connected via the internet, like broadband or some other kind of connectivity which can include wireless systems and ISDN.

In earlier times when teleconferencing was a new concept, chatting with one another was done via video phones. Since the connection was possible through an analog telephone line, the transmission was of very low quality. The images were not displayed as true video to the person at each end. This was the main reason behind the limitation of teleconferencing to two individuals at a moment.

Technological Boost

With the technological advancement and innovation, teleconferencing is not at all the same as it was some time back. Many leading companies have developed state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment which is capable to bring people from different parts of the world together as a group. People from different locations can virtually come together and do a meeting. Also, there is no limitation on the total number of participants in a teleconferencing meeting. To give the meeting a real experience, i.e., make the physical presence of the participants felt, wide angled cameras and large HD LCD screens are used.

This technological boost has enabled to track the movements of the participants during a teleconferencing meeting. The participants can move around in the room and then the cameras can easily pick them. Today, microphones used during teleconferencing are very sensitive. Even whispers can also be heard at another end.

Big Savings and Multiple Beneficiaries

A teleconferencing facility saves big for a company because if people from other parts of the world are physically gathered for a meeting, the whole process will cost a lot. Now, you can have a meeting with your associates, staff, or partners by just clicking a button. With a teleconferencing facility, you will no longer require any networking engineer in your office every time you wish to organize a teleconferencing meeting.

Moreover, people belonging to different categories can benefit from teleconferencing. Expect people from the business world, students, friends and even housewives can benefit from teleconferencing.