People usually don’t pay much attention towards window treatment. They build houses, pay special attention to flooring, paint of the walls, design on the ceiling, but, when it comes to beautifying windows, they generally avoid. You might also have similar thoughts and don’t consider window treatment as a necessity. It should be noted that ignoring windows is one big mistake people usually make.

Your windows can be revamped in two different ways: shopping retail or getting custom treatment. If you want to save money, you can take the DIY way and shop retail, otherwise, the better option will be getting custom treatment for your windows because it minimizes any risks of error.

There are four types of treatments you can apply to your windows. They are:


Blinds are usually an inexpensive choice. Because of the usage of wood or metal and organized in slats, they are regarded as “hard” treatments. Since blinds are available at a very low price, they are mostly preferred for rental houses and apartments. When it comes to style, blinds don’t have much to offer. They are just functional, they close, open and offer privacy. For an architectural look, you can upgrade to faux wood or woven blinds.


Shades are also known as “soft” treatments and are made of fabrics. Although light-filtering settings similar to the blinds are not present in them, they are available with different opacity levels. Shades are of mainly three types: roller, Roman and “honeycomb” or cellular.


The most expensive window treatment is shutter and they accord the look of the customized woodwork. People who get them installed in their home can remain worry-free for many years because the manufacturers usually provide a limited warranty for the lifetime.


Curtains for window treatment is a decision that requires courage. The available options of pattern and fabric can be endless, and customized drapery panels usually cost a huge amount. A better option is ready-made curtains because they can be easily afforded and provide more warmth than the hard window treatment. If you are looking for more affordable curtains, you can visit any budget store and select from the attractive options.