Nowadays, people do their meetings through video conferencing. After all, this option is very efficient in terms of saved time and travel for the persons involved in the meeting. HDH tech strives to meet the standards of these people whose time is very important. However, if you think that video conferencing is a new thing, think again. This form of communication has been circulating the globe for quite some time now. In fact, its roots can be traced when the first television was used. It was at that moment that a crude connection between two televisions was used to do the very first video conferencing session.

The humble beginnings of video conferencing

In 1927, the same time when the television was invented, Herbert Hoover made the first video conference in history. Time went by and in 1957, the picture phone was launched. It involved calling the person you want to talk to using a special telephone device that has a switch for showing your picture. If the person you are calling uses the same device, you can view their picture as well. However, a switch must be used for the pictures to e transmitted. This was not popular because of the cost of the hardware and the means of transmitting the picture.

The recent advances in video conferencing

This advancement came in 2001 when French doctors communicated through video conferencing in order to do a gall bladder surgical procedure. The procedure was being done in Strasbourg, France while the instructions were provided from New York City. Now, people can do video conferencing or video calls through Skype, Facebook’s messenger app and a lot more. Truly, video conferencing came a long way from being an expensive tool to a very efficient means of communication

HDH tech also incorporated the usage of video conferencing for businesses. Contact us for more information and to avail of our services.