Have you heard about home automation? Have you heard about controlling your home equipments while outside?  Is it really happening?

Internet and computers:

Internet and computers has a big contribution in making life easier for people through technology. It empowers homeowners to control their home equipment while mobile. It gives them more flexibility and functionality.  Because of these advancement of technology, things that can be done with physical presence, can now be executed with so much ease, while you’re a work, at play and even while you are shopping.

How does home automation makes peoples life easier?

There are many aspects where home automation affects life positively. Some of them are:

  1. Home Safety
  2. Home Security
  3. Less manpower
  4. Energy Saving

Home Safety- is one benefit of having a home automation installed in your homes. In cases that you forgot to switch off your AC and other equipments, you don’t need to go back to do it.  You can conveniently do it using your mobile phone or a remote control.

Home Security – This is another benefit of automation. Before, people are hesitant to travel for fear of their homes being robbed while they are away. They always need someone left at home to keep watch of their property. It is not the thing of today. With the help of internet, it is now possible to monitor your homes inside-out for any intruders.

Less manpower – Gone are the day’s where you need people to physically close and open the windows, switch on and off your appliances, open the gate for you and many more.  You can all do it while away from home.

Energy Saving – Yes, this will help you save the much needed energy.  You can easily adjust which part of the house to keep cooling and you can also adjust the thermostat to control the temperature.  You can also control which part of the house to lighten up and make sure that all equipments, not in use is switch off.

HDH Intelligent Technologies

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