Several years ago, people already have a glance of home automation.  But, those are the times when they only saw it in movies.  It is often associated with fiction, horror or alien movies, that it seems impossible to experience it in real life. Those were the rimes when computer was no introduced yet to the public.

Introduction of computers and the internet:

Few years later upon the introduction of computers, big businesses and companies started using automation.  That was the time when automation is being used widely in manufacturing industries.  Access to this machinery is too expensive, that is why it was not yet introduced to the home use.  This technology advancement was only available in first world countries.  It was only after the introduction of the internet that many automation products are widely introduce to the market.  That was the time, when home automation started to gain popularity among majority of the people.

Is home automation expensive?

During its early stage in the market, home automation is quite expensive and affordable only for the rich families. That was the time when only the leading brand names are manufacturing home automation products.  Without competition, obviously, the prices are high enough for the average earners o afford.  It was not until many companies from other developing countries joined the production of such home automation products, that prices went down.  Products from china where introduced to the market and that makes prices affordable to average earner families.

Home automation for everyone:

Yes, at this present time, it is for everyone. With the easy access of internet connection, many average homes have automation features in it. Some home automation includes automatic windows, gates, doors, AC systems and some security systems.   Home owners can now monitor their homes, open the gate, switch on/off the AC while they are away, thru their mobile phones.

HDH Intelligent Technologies:

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