Smart Home Automation Technologies means the automatic and electronic control of household appliances and features.  An automated home can be controlled by an application but integrates various smart devices to cooperatively work into a well-organized system.

The best commercial innovation in today’s generation is using IoT in Smart Home Automation Technologies. People are more familiar and knowledgeable about these technologies and they find it easy and convenient to use. Smart Home Automation is, therefore, welcome expertise to the people.

IoT or “ Internet of Things” is a selection of “things”  or physical devices like electronics, sensors, software, and network connectivity. They can be connected wirelessly to a network and are capable of transmitting data. They collect and interchange data between themselves. There is a huge increase in the use of IoT because it has added a new aspect to the world of information and communication most especially to Smart Home Automation Technologies. These technologies are common in digitalized home appliances popular of which are lighting, security, audio, video, and security.

Technologies Are Used in Home

Different technologies can be used in a home. Each technology has its distinct features and advantages. The most popular technologies installed in homes are:

  1. Z-wave – The Z-wave device is a mesh protocol that has a distinct identification making it the most secure system. Most people prefer Z-wave because of its reliable and stable network. The best feature of Z-wave is that all devices can communicate with each other’s waves because it is a mesh protocol.
  2. The Zigbee devices bear resemblance to Bluetooth and wi-fi.  They have low power consumption so most people prefer them. It is excellent for users who prefer battery-operated devices. Zigbee is also a mesh protocol where devices exchange communication with each other. Since it is incompatible to many vendors it shares only a small part of the market.
  3. X – 10 – It is the oldest among Smart Home Automation Technologies. X – 10 is inexpensive

compared to other Smart Home Automation. The advantage of X – 10 over other newer models is it can be used with either a wired power line or wireless radio communication. The biggest flaw of X – 10 is it can transmit messages one command at a time. The result is the loss of commands because of these circumstances. It was meant to replace the X – 10 standards.  Aside from X – 10 it is the only that communicates with both wireless and line-powered technologies. It has also limited compatibility with other X – 10 devices. Among the newest Smart Home Technologies, this uses the least amount of energy.  Maintenance is minimal through energy harvesting.  One of its distinct features is it can communicate wirelessly without a battery. It uses micro energy converters together with very low power electronics.

How to compare Smart Home Automation Technology

Points of Comparison among this Smart Home Automation Technology:

  1. Reliability of Communication: Can a homeowner fully rely on the efficiency of the communication between the Controller and the Modules?

Reliability ratings

  • Z – Wave –  reliable and stable
  • Zigbee –  incompatible to many vendors
  • X – 10 – reliability is low since it has low compatibility with other X – 10 devices.
  • Security of Communication
  • Z – Wave – has the most secure system
  • Zigbee – not certain
  • X – 10 – slow transmission of communication due to dropped messages
  • Features and Capabilities
  • Z – Wave – the system is secure and compatible with all devices
  • Zigbee –  excellent for users who prefer battery-operated devices
  • X – 10 –uses the least amount of energy
  • Interoperability – This is the ability of the Controller to speak to different Modules from different companies.
  • Z – wave –compatible among many branded systems
  • Zigbee – incompatible among many vendors
  • X – 10 – partially compatible with X – 10 devices.

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